Contactinformatie PRESS GLASS SA

Nowa Wieś,
ul. Kopalniana 9
42-262 Poczesna
+48 34 327 50 69
+48 34 327 58 01

PRESS GLASS, from the date of its creation, has been driven by a clear vision: “building a modern, dynamic and globally active company that contributes to the development, and strengthening the competitiveness, of its business partners by meeting their individual expectations.” As time shows it has driven PRESS GLASS to nowadays market position described as Europe’s largest independent flat glass processing operation.
Currently company’s production exceeds 7 million m2 of glass units p.a. To produce all its products PRESS GLASS uses more than 16 million m2 of basis glass. So far company has produced over 60.000.000 m2 of glass units for fabricators of windows & doors, facades, interior glass constructions, solar and photovoltaic panels, constructions with single tempered glass used in large volumes. Company operates in 11 factories in the Europe and in North America. Its factories are located in the UK, Poland, Croatia and in the United States. On global market company offers its products under the PRESS GLASS brand, equally on North America commercial market also under the GLASS DYNAMICS brand, as well as for the United Kingdom residential market under the GLASS SYSTEMS brand.
Currently, as a mother company located in Poland or by its subsidiaries in the UK, USA and Croatia it cooperates with some hundreds of regular customers across the Europe and other continents, still searching and spreading Business Partners network.

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